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TPT Education Leaders

TPT Education Leaders provides Targeted Tutoring for students k-12 in Reading/ Math/ ACT Prep/ EOC Prep/ MAP Prep/ Speed Reading/ Study Skills. Our small group 8:1 student /teacher ratio helps us deliver intense and aggressive data driven focus and detail to students’ academic needs in the targeted core content.

  • Reading/ Math Targeted Tutoring

  • ACT Prep

  • State Assessment Prep (MAP/ EOC/ STAR)

  • Reading Intensity (read with a purpose)

  • ACT/ SAT Boot camps—Weekends (open to public)

6 to 8 point increases on the ACT. 

Improvements with increases ranging from 17 to 34 points on the ACT. 


grade level progression. 

10,000 students have participated in our program in the last 2 years. 


What we do

  • Personalized Plans: Academic support plans will vary by school/district. We will modify each plan for max effectiveness per each school/ district/targeted-content-learner-grade. 

  • Ongoing Guidance: Pre-assessment, programming (Our academic support will always follow the data) and post assessment to see if we got any academic gains. 


Sessions 2-3 times per week for pre-assessment (Giving students the exact grade equivalency), academic support (Full SY) and post assessment (Measurable gains) 


Our ACT program has achieved success by implementing effective strategies, including content mastery, proven testing strategies, and enhancing testing speed. 


Our TPT tutors will provide weekly academic support to student athletes (Proactive academic eligibility). 

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Why we need to be in your schools

The TPT team will actively engage with your academic community, collaborating with your staff to help students achieve success at various levels: individual, classroom, subject, grade, and building. This collaboration will be the game-changer for your district. Students are in an academic fight (post covid) and having added academic support is a must for lost academic skills to be reclaimed. That's why TPT Education Leaders is a must, and we continue to be the leader in academic gains for the urban learners.