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Educational Services Offered

Our teachers are on each school’s campus 2-3 days per week providing targeted tutoring for the identified students to deliver in-day academic drill down instruction aligned with the state learning standards and state GLE’s.


Reading/Math Targeted Tutoring

*(on campus/during school day)

  • Pre assessment administered -current GE (grade equivalency)

  •  Academic year of Targeted Tutoring 2-3 days per week

  • Curriculum aligned with State Learning Standards, GLE’s (grade level expectations) 

  •  Post assessment administered prior to academic SY end. (Measurable Data) •

  • Proven Results - our programming average academic growth is 3-4 grade levels!!

ACT Prep

*(on campus/during school day)

  •  Full academic SY ACT Prep (target grade-11/12)

  •  ACT Prep 2-3 days per week

  •  Elite ACT curriculum-Test taking strategies

  •  Complete ACT Prep Program

  •  Proven Results- we get results!!

  •  Our ACT students average a 4-6 pt ACT score increase


State Assessment Prep *


Homework Help/Targeted


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ACT Prep

Lee's Summit Location

Four - five days a week(open to public)

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