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Presidnts Corner
Mike Graham
Founder & President
Mike Graham, founder and President of Tomorrow’s Promise Today, TPT, has many years of experience in education, administration and curriculum implementation. His passion for reaching the urban learner has been the driving force in stepping out and designing an effective program that closes the academic skill gap, commonly found in urban learning systems.
Mike’s vast amount of experience and master level education from Kansas State University in Education Administration, speaks volumes in his passion and knowledge to empower students to achieve their highest possible academic progression.

His vision and the flexibility of the TPT educators allows for each site to be catered to, based upon the student’s academic needs; to inspire and to enhance the teaching and learning styles currently in place by the district’s teachers on site. TPT firmly believes that the key component which drives success is helping the student to identify their learning style and our goal as an educators, is to help students learn how to learn and how to be successful in the next phase of their lives.

President's Corner

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Our Motto



These three words are so vital in leading the TPT Education Leaders' mission to be the most elite academic enhancer, especially in the urban educational sector. We show students academic confidence and how to learn!! TPT Education Leaders continue to “make a difference” in urban focused schools using three concepts:

  1.  Great educators

  2.  Great curriculum/Differentiated instruction/Elite customer service

  3.  Proven results (We close the academic gap)

Meet the Team

Our team's mission is to foster academic confidence in students and teach them effective learning strategies.

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